There are various companies, businesses, institutions and organizations which are having majority of employees working on field to perform various activities like sales, survey, service, door step delivery, data collection, marketing etc. These field forces travel location to location every day to perform allotted tasks. It has become a herculean task for any manager to be aware of each and every activity in real time without disturbing the productivity of employees. Continuous chasing on calls and endless chat groups will make it even more tiring and inefficient. Finally, companies hire more managers to organize work which increases the cost and reduces optimization.

What are the challenges while managing field force?

  • Lack of Awareness
  • Ability to make a right decision at the right time requires 360 degree awareness with each and every detail of down the line activities. Larger the field force, lesser will be the awareness.

  • Miss-Management
  • If managers are unable to communicate with employees for the time it is required, the consequences will disturb the overall management structure.

  • Productivity
  • Lack of management and awareness will decrease the productivity.

  • Operational Challenges
  • It is difficult to operate in multiple locations at the same time.

  • Data Handling
  • Very important and difficult task to ensure regular field visits and maintain data of collected information which works as the guideline to the business.

  • Allowances
  • How to validate travel/daily allowances of field staff? A small mistake can damage huge amount of money.

Main objective of Field Force Management is to get the right number of people at the right place at the right time to perform the right task. To accomplish the objective, you need to be aware of each step of every field executive in real time and to get such an awareness your field Executive/Employee need to install RocketField Application on their device. The internal SDK gives some hard to believe Location, Movement and Audit aware superpowers to the mobile phone. Enabling real time tracking and geo positions, recording agent movements, travelled kms, attendance, Geo fence IN/OUT tracking, agent auditing- for phone switched off, data switched off, airplane mode, phone tempering etc. The App can also be used for making and sharing notes and attend allotted tasks. Rocketfield is the best in class IOT based platform, a perfect blend of smart design and advance engineering.

Rocketfield is helpful in any kind of field force management domain that provides high-quality customer service by reducing operation cost.

  • Retail workforce management
  • FMCG
  • Pharma
  • logistics
  • hospitals
  • field sales
  • E-commerce
  • industry work management

Following are the key features which will boost employee efficiency.

Direct Reporting- Managers can get notifications of all the activities perform by the team from any location in real time.

Instant Update- when Task is assigned or order is booked, employee can update the required details right away.

Booking Order/Dispatching Task- sales employees can take order directly though the app, Real time update of selling by a field staff.

Schedule Appointment- An appointment can be scheduled by a field force manager which saves both money and time,

Track location and replay route- Managers can track the real time location and review the previous trips of each executive.

Auto calculate distance travelled and time spent on meeting. In short it works as a third eye for your business.

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What RocketFlyer is all about
Rocket Flyer enables startup’s, emerging and matured organizations in delivering high quality product / services keeping a close eye on time to market and resource constraints. The team is equipped in delivering enterprise grade high throughput software systems designed for scale.
RocketFlyer also has developed its own center of excellence for product engineering and has created array of products and platforms which are impacting millions of lives and businesses.
App Based Tracking
Track your family, friends, employee's with the convenience of mobile app. Realtime Tracking products, auditing and alerts. No setup required, just download the app and you are good to go.
RocketFlyer has developed plethora of products and features around tracking which enables:
Location Tracking : Real Time tracking of location for users through their mobile app. Create Geo-Fences and get notifications when user enters locations.
Movement Tracking : Using mobile app get alerts for driver behaviors. Get alerts for Over speeding, Over Stopping, Harsh Braking, Aggressive Acceleration, Harsh Cornering, Intentional Slow driving etc.
Audit Aware : Get Notifications when your employees / field force does an intentional phone switch off, intentional battery removals, tampering the phone, switch on/off mobile data and airplane mode.