Few Business Sectors where our platform and product adds significant value

Use Cases

  • Car Rental &
    Vehicle Tracking
  • Field Force
  • Educational
  • Transport
  • Parental Control
    For Students
  • Security
  • Pharma Company
  • Courier Delivery
  • Food Delivery
  • Government
Car Rental
and Vehicle Tracking

RocketFlyer offers an end to end fleet and operations management platform. Fleet Operators need not worry about the technology and can focus on growing and managing their core business. Rocket Fleet offers off the shelf - Driver App, Customer App, Mobile Site, Website and an Admin Panel & Dashboard.

Field Force

Field force tracking is not just about getting point to point location of your employees but to optimize your field operations. Field employees can record data of their meetings and daily jobs, including client name, locations, preferences, requirements etc. You can create dynamic forms as per your need and assign tasks to your employees in real time and check whether they are being completed as you wanted. It gives you a real time update on every activity at any point of time and location. You can also asses the efforts involved like, no. of meetings attended, travel distance, travel time, success rate etc.

Education Institutions - Tracking Teachers,
Buses, and Students

Rocketflyer has developed a smart eco system which is having a Driver Application, Parent Application and Admin panel. This system will allow management to organize fleet efficiently and ensure safety by monitoring driver's behavior and driving patterns like - over speeding, harsh braking, sharp cornering, route deviation and point to point status update. At the same time parents can also track the live location of the bus and can be notified just an appropriate time before the bus reaches the bus stop.

Transport Logistics

In logistic business it’s among major challenges to ensure your fleet optimization without compromising any committed timeline. Rocketflyer has solved this problem by developing a wonderful platform, named as Rocketfleet. Rocketfleet is capable to manage all your transportation trips, ensuring the best possible optimization of your fleet without wasting any time. You can easily access and share real time information of your fleet, shipments, delivery status, engaged staff, travelled route etc.

Parental Control
for outstation students

In present time safety of children has become major concern for all the parents specially when they allow their kids to go for an outing alone. Roketflyer has introduced a state of the art application – “Tracki” using that you can always be aware of each step of your kid who is roaming around in a new city. You can create your own community and share various activities, assign tasks and a lot more things are there to perform among the group.

Security Companies for
tracking guards

When it comes to monitor a group of people at the same time , specially when you are in security business and you need to ensure your client that every corner is under control at any moment of time , a precise technology is the only option for you. Rocketfield is the perfect example of such a cutting edge technology which empower you as a third eye to monitor location, movement and audit each and every security guard deployed on the ground so that you can make right decision at the right time.

Pharmaceutical Companies tracking their
Medical Representatives

In pharmaceutical companies there are no. of executives who travel market to market. Rocketfield platform optimizes daily trips and records travel/meeting time and distance travelled by each individual. You can assign various tasks, assure visits and record performances. HR can always customize reports to validate Travel Allowances requested by the staff.

Courier Delivery Companies

While handling operations in courier delivery companies, you would always like to automate as many operations as possible. Using Rocketfield you can tag each of your delivery agent with allocated Hub and shift timings. System will record time spent in hub, time spent out for delivery, distance travelled, courier delivered, time spent closing run sheet etc. Amazingly, there is no manual intervention required by delivery agent while recording all these information.

Food Delivery Companies and restaurants
supporting delivery

No one like to wait for their food to be delivered later than the committed time. Rocketflyer helps you to keep your promise every time when you accept any order. We help your delivery boy to suggest shortest route, estimated time, route optimization and real time alerts. Moreover you can view how many delivery boys are out and how they are performing. You can also share location of your delivery boy with your customer.


We help government institutions to conduct audit, record data, upload information and maintain records. We minimize tiring paper works and make the whole process “n” times faster and transparent. We equip government with modern tools of technology while following the slogan of building Digital India.

What is RocketFlyer?
Rocket Flyer enables startup’s, emerging and matured organizations in delivering high quality product / services keeping a close eye on time to market and resource constraints. The team is equipped in delivering enterprise grade high throughput software systems designed for scale.
RocketFlyer also has developed its own center of excellence for product engineering and has created array of products and platforms around Business Process Management, App Based Tracking, Fleet Management.
Digitize your business processes and workflows and get rid of manual interventions for better transparency, efficiency and most importantly, peace of mind.
What are RocketFlyer's Product Offerings?
Rocketflow SAAS based Business Process Management platform. Supported use cases are Automation of Mining Operations, Complaint and Feedback Management System, Security and Surveillance Management Platform, Field Force Tracking and Management for Business Operations, Computer Repairs and Request Management System, Financial Management System, Task Management System, Driver Management System, HR Management System, Reimbursement Management System, Call Center Management System.
RocketFleet SAAS based Fleet and Self Drive Car Rental and Chauffeur Driven Car Rental Management Platform. RocketFleet platform offers mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. Comes with website and mobile site channels for customers to check and book the fleet. The RocketFleet platform also offers web admin portal to manage fleet, manage retail and B2B users, manage pricings, manage bookings and invoices for the customer and other platform configurations.