Customer experience is defined by interaction of customer with an organization through business relationship. customer experience depends upon customer’s involvement level and what perception they carry about any product, brand and company.

You may assume of having high-quality services and a strong customer relationship, but if a customer gets a fault or delay in service she/he may lose the trust in product or company. Once the trust is lost customer’s mind retain a negative perception about the company and that’s how even the big brands get victim of negative perception in the market. A bad perception can kill the business reputation in seconds which has been earned after fueling enormous amount of money, efforts and time.

If you are in fleet business you need to be extra conscious while providing any services to your customers. You have to ensure everything just at the right place at the right time without compromising with customer’s comfort and expectations. Accomplish the same all the time is next to impossible, but you cannot afford any glitch if you want to sustain in the business.

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”—Benjamin Franklin

Rocketflyer believes “Problems lead to the Possibilities”. Having the same belief Rocketflyer has developed an array of products and platforms which are impacting millions of lives and businesses. Among them one is Rocketfleet, which is an end to end solution of fleet business. In general, you can categories it as a Fleet Management System.

Using Rocketfleet will not just assist you to handle your daily operations but also allows you to maintain required discipline and quality so that you can always ensure your customers: “The Best in Class Service!”

Let’s look at the few examples:

  • By Providing ETA:
  • Companies, which are using Fleet Management System should be integrated with a tracking platform so that they could be able to share important information with the customers like- driver’s location, estimated time of arrival (ETA), idle time, trip time, vehicles information etc.

  • By Notifying in real time:
  • When something goes wrong on the road or with fleet, system sends timely alerts and notification to a customer via all possible channels. For example- any delay, route change, vehicle change, price change etc. Doing this really works in establishing a transparent channel between you and customers and because of transparency customer will not take time to trust you. Now customer will be the integrated part of the whole process who can communicate whenever required. If anything goes off the schedule, there will not be any surprises for any of the party. This is the direct impact on customer experience.

  • By making the process Faster:
  • You can eliminate various time killing process while generating any invoice/receipt for your customer, Rocketfleet is capable of doing all the process automatically and share the details with customers right away. Now customer can create booking according to her/his convenient and everything is lightning fast and crystal clear. That’s how your customer’s frustration can be turned up into a smile of satisfaction.

  • By maintaining Transparency:
  • Customers can access any data/information related to their all types of transactions at any point of time from anywhere. You no need to worry about sending any information against the queries raised by the customers.

  • How seriously does Rocketflyer take it?
  • A business cannot survive without customers and customers are the real authority of any business to drive it in any direction they want and this is why Rocketflyer focus on how to win customers faith and more importantly how to retain them. Throughout the organization we practice such a system which keeps customer’s preferences at the highest priority and also suggest the same to our partners. You can walk through the following key points to capture it in a nut shell:

  • Provide highest degree of services in all aspects.
  • Be quick to resolve any issue.
  • 24/7 keep in touch
  • Perform continuous and multiple testing/audit of the products and services.
  • Maintain transparency and be honest with customer.
  • Deliver what has been promised.
  • Always under commit
  • Design, build quality, reliability and serviceability of product or service above with the standard of customers want, need and expect.

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What RocketFlyer is all about
Rocket Flyer enables startup’s, emerging and matured organizations in delivering high quality product / services keeping a close eye on time to market and resource constraints. The team is equipped in delivering enterprise grade high throughput software systems designed for scale.
RocketFlyer also has developed its own center of excellence for product engineering and has created array of products and platforms which are impacting millions of lives and businesses.
App Based Tracking
Track your family, friends, employee's with the convenience of mobile app. Realtime Tracking products, auditing and alerts. No setup required, just download the app and you are good to go.
RocketFlyer has developed plethora of products and features around tracking which enables:
Location Tracking : Real Time tracking of location for users through their mobile app. Create Geo-Fences and get notifications when user enters locations.
Movement Tracking : Using mobile app get alerts for driver behaviors. Get alerts for Over speeding, Over Stopping, Harsh Braking, Aggressive Acceleration, Harsh Cornering, Intentional Slow driving etc.
Audit Aware : Get Notifications when your employees / field force does an intentional phone switch off, intentional battery removals, tampering the phone, switch on/off mobile data and airplane mode.