What is Geofence? & How does Geofencing work?

A Geofence is a virtual geographical boundary that covers a defined area and end points on a map. Geofence can be tagged with any moving inventory, person or asset. Once the tagging is done one can get the real time alerts/notification for each time when the tagged inventory, person or asset crosses the Geofence boundary.

Now days Geofencing is very popular in many industries. Using Geofencing companies are automating various on field operations like: attendance of the staff, on – field activity log, asset controlling, territory distribution, segmented marketing and a lot more things.

The acceptance of Geofencing in various industries is growing fast, As Global Market Insights predicts that the global geo fencing market in 2023 will exceed $500 million.

If we talk about fleet management business there are number of benefits:

  • Get Automatic Alerts
  • If you are operating a fleet business this feature can provide a great relief to you when you want to confirm whether your fleet roam in define territory or not. You need to simply define the boundaries of your territory on the map and create a Geofence accordingly. Once the Geofence is created, you can tag this Geofence with any of your vehicle/driver. Now whenever your driver goes out of the Geofence or comes in you will get an alert and the incident will be recorded in the system with time flag.

  • Prevent Unauthorized Usage
  • If a fleet or asset goes out of the Geofence then quick alerts help you to know about the unauthorized usage of your fleet and you can take immediate action to stop such things.

  • Territory Allocation
  • Using Geofence you can easily distribute the territory among your active fleet on the ground. A well-managed territory will increase the optimization of your fleet and saves money and time simultaneously.

  • Improved communication
  • When a fleet goes in or out of defined Geofence area notification is sent to the fleet manager, hence manual confirmation is not needed when a driver reaches the destination.

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