Product Features

  • Live & Historical Tracking
  • Geofence
  • Capture on trips
  • Audit Agent
  • Manage Trips
  • Monitor Mileage
  • Route
  • Easy to use APIs
  • Admin
  • Trips & Agents
  • Notification &
  • Reports &
  • Offline Usage
  • Battery

How it Works

Live & Hostorical Tracking
TrackThat let's you see the current location of the moving and stopped agents/drivers in real time. Helps you keep a tab on the resource/fleet status, location and overall productivity.
  • Agent's/Driver's real time movement data
  • See current, past and scheduled trips
  • Identify agents/drivers status and lcoation in real time
  • Helps you identify nearest driver to a location
  • Insights into Driving Behavior - Braking, Overspeeding, Cornering etc.
  • Track Idle Agent/Drivers
Create Geofences with TrackThat platform and receive notifications as soon as agents/drivers enter IN/OUT of the geofenced area, thereby allowing continuous monitoring.
  • Geofence IN / OUT / STAY Notifications
  • Arrival/Departure Notifications
  • Custom Geofences - Circular, Polygon
  • Tag Places of Concerns & Get Instant Notifications

Capture on Trip Events

TrackThat Platform let's you capture driving, audit and tracking related events, thereby ensuring consumer experience is enhanced.

  • Arrival / Departure Notifications
  • Driving Behavior tracking for speed alerts, aggressive accelaration etc.
  • Real time communication with on-field agent/driver
  • Monitor trip status in real time

Audit Agent

TrackThat platform let's you monitor agents/drivers in real time for driving behaviors like Braking, Accelaration, Cornering, Speed, Idle time. Ships with auditing features for intentional phone, mobile data and airplane mode ON/off, battery removal, phone usage during trip, uninstall tracking etc. thereby ensuring overall productivity gets improved.

Manage Trips

Detailed Trip Records to get insights into productivity and utilization. Track and Manage how your team spends their day.

  • Playback and view route driven
  • Detailed trip analysis for events over timeline
  • Analyze Trip Statistics
  • View Notifications, Messaging and communication for a trip
  • Monitor trips for alert events for driving and audit
  • Manage Live and Upcoming Trips

Route Optimizations

TrackThat platform solves Routing and Allocation Problem (Vehicle Routing Problem and different variants) and takes into account vehicle capacities, delivery types, time windows, based on priority, traffic, speeds, agent shift times, breaks and more.

  • Generates value by improving utilization levels
  • Task Allocation takes into consideration all constraints
  • Seamless API Integration for consuming Routing and Allocation APIs
  • Delivery Analytics - Analyze your fleet's / Agent's delivery performance

Easy to use APIs

TrackThat developer API and Webhook integrations enable you to get control over TrackThat internal resources and data and helps you push and pull data from other peripheral systems, extending the value and utility of data and allowing seamless integration with your existing backend.

Admin Dashboard

Get hold of all your tracking and fleet management needs by one view dashboard.

  • Manage Access Control to Dashboard
  • One View Dashboard for real time analysis of movements
  • Manage Trips - Past, Live and Scheduled
  • Manage Onboarding of Agents / Drivers / Fleet
  • Monitor Driving and Audit Events
  • Single view access to alerts
  • Create and Manage Geofences
  • Optimize Routes and Tasks allocation

Scorecard Trip and Agent

TrackThat platform let's you keep a tab on Agent / Driver's performance by rating them based on the driving habits, safety, route and time adherence parameters and more.

  • Get Driver / Agent scorecard per trip
  • Generates Overall Scorecard for Drivers / Agents
  • Provides a mechanism to gratify your team based on performance
  • Provision to tweak Algorithm for Scorecard generation as per business requirements

Notification and Alerts

One View Notification and Alerts dashboard for tracking and monitoring driving and audit adherence for all your workforce.

  • Single place access of alerts across the team
  • Check alerts & notifications by agents / driver / fleet
  • Custom Templates for messaging - Email / Push / SMS
  • Get real time notifications for all configured events

Report & Analytics

TrackThat platform let's you analyze your business performance by carving out reports and analytics using key metrics and parameters.

  • Trip Reports lists details such as Trip Start and End Date Time, Start/End Addresses, Trip Statistics, Driving & Audit Events.
  • Provision to filter data by user, time period and other dimensions
  • Driver/Agent Aggregated Reports
  • Insights API
  • Graphs and visuals for easy interpretation

Battery Optimizations

TrackThat app SDK is designed considering on-the-move use cases and optimized for performance and battery usage

  • Custom Algorithm to leverage the location provider (GPS, WIFI or Cellular Network) efficiently
  • App SDK fine balances itself considering a fine mix of current Battery Levels and accuracy
  • Optimized Data Network Usage based on activity recognition triggers
  • Leverages movement aware capability for optimizing location provider usage

Offline Usage

TrackThat app SDK is designed considering offline first approach in order to handle patchy mobile network and on-the-move conditions. Offline support is achieved by leveraging device caching, queueing network requests, devising custom compression mechanism to store historical data till the network is restored back and defining a sophisticated communication modus operandi with backend.

Monitor Mileage

Monitor and Bill your business accurately for actual distance covered. Charge and Reimburse your team based on actual distance travelled. Get distance travelled, time elapsed data by fleet, agent; reimburse and gratify based on accurate details.

Our Products

RocketStarter kit helps budding organizations and entrepreneurs to focus on the real-world challenges that their business wants to solve. For everything else there is RocketStarter Kit.
Your personal fleet manager equipped with Driver App, Customer App, Website, Mobile Site & Admin Panel to handle all end-to-end business operations with real-time monitoring.
It empowers your organization to handle down the line field operations. It provides real-time Location, Movement and & Audit oriented event insights of the field staff's daily activities.
An advanced easily integrable SDK with any system to provide real-time Location, Movement and & Audit oriented event insights of the field staff. Increases process optimization & organization efficiency.
What RocketFlyer is all about
Rocket Flyer enables startup’s, emerging and matured organizations in delivering high quality product / services keeping a close eye on time to market and resource constraints. The team is equipped in delivering enterprise grade high throughput software systems designed for scale.
RocketFlyer also has developed its own center of excellence for product engineering and has created array of products and platforms which are impacting millions of lives and businesses.
App Based Tracking
Track your family, friends, employee's with the convenience of mobile app. Realtime Tracking products, auditing and alerts. No setup required, just download the app and you are good to go.
RocketFlyer has developed plethora of products and features around tracking which enables:
Location Tracking : Real Time tracking of location for users through their mobile app. Create Geo-Fences and get notifications when user enters locations.
Movement Tracking : Using mobile app get alerts for driver behaviors. Get alerts for Over speeding, Over Stopping, Harsh Braking, Aggressive Acceleration, Harsh Cornering, Intentional Slow driving etc.
Audit Aware : Get Notifications when your employees / field force does an intentional phone switch off, intentional battery removals, tampering the phone, switch on/off mobile data and airplane mode.