CAS is an authority on driver behavior assessment and modification, driver profiling, monitoring and training. They carried out the research work with 1,291 drivers to monitor driving behavior. In this study, the researcher examined how driver’s behavior affects the chance of getting into the accident. CAS concluded that the scoring of driving behavior contributes to a prediction of a driver’s potential to be involved in accidents.

This study investigated Six key indicators to predict driver’s behavior, including: over speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering, over stopping, harsh acceleration and excessive phone usage while driving.

Various incidents can be predicted by different types of action. For instance, driver's braking score can reflect the probability of losing control on vehicles. Rocketflyer Technology Private Limited has developed a state of the art application- TraceThat to empower fleet companies with such capabilities to monitor driver’s behavior in depth and generate the driving score accordingly. This application record various instances like- over speeding, harsh cornering, harsh braking, intentionally slow driving, over stopping and mobile phone usage during the trip to measure driver's relative risk associated. Allowing you to easily identify and retain the best drivers for your business. It also gives you the provision to gratify better drivers with special benefits according to their driving score

The driver analytics report allows you to compare your driver 's performance with other drivers and it assist you to decide which driver is suitable and more efficient for the top client serving or consignment. Moreover, you can suggest required training to any particular driver according to his behavior analysis.

It can be used as an added advantage to ensure safety in your fleet management system.TraceThat is now the most accurate and powerful fleet tracking application for finding driver's behavior and generate score of every single trip performed by the driver.

  • Safety Settings- TraceThat

TraceThat allows you the flexibility to personalize your fleet settings based on nature of the business. You can set your own safety limits in terms of speeding, accelerating, braking etc. according to the type of fleet you are operating. If the limit has been touched by any driver at any point of time, they system will send an alert notification to the driver and the authority. In the same way the instances will be recorded and assessed.


You can also adjust the weightage of scorecard as per your requirement.

There are multiple parameters which affect the scorecard. The scorecard helps us to analyse the drivers behavior either good or bad and encourage to follow safety guidelines. In addition, the scorecard is effective to improve fleet efficiency, increase productivity, reduce violation of traffic rules, increase customer satisfaction, decrease maintenance cost and decrease complains.

  • Prompt and Transparent System
  • Driver score card is a driver performance indicator and evaluation based on specific driver metrics.TraceThat platform has been developed by expertise and specialized software developers,so as there would be no chance to fail in accuracy.It works in real time to provide accurate and precise alerts and score card update accessible to all kind of users involved.The number of completed trips and time taken to complete each trip can be seen at driver 's details along with other relevant information like- kms travelled, Idle time, route taken and playback.In short TraceThat is a magic tool.

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