HR Policy
Transfer of Service / Deputation

Your services are liable to be transferred to any Subsidiary or Associate Company of Rocket Flyer Technology Private Limited as existing or may be set up in future within or outside India. Your services are also liable to be transferred to any Company as existing or may be set up in future under the Rocket Flyer Group within or outside India. In such cases, you will automatically be governed by the terms & conditions of service applicable to you in the transferee company.

You can also be deputed to any of the companies mentioned above. The tenure and the terms and conditions of such deputation will be determined solely by the Company at its discretion and communicated to you.

Hours of Work and Paid Holidays

You will abide by the working hours, weekly offs and paid holidays of the department, office or establishment where you are posted.

In case of unforeseen events and/or workload, you may be required to work beyond the working hours or on weekly off days / holidays. No monetary compensation shall be made against those additional work hours. You will be eligible for compensatory off against the extended work which has to be notified over an email to your line manager two (2) weeks before planning such compensatory off and has to be approved over email before the leave date. No compensatory off will be given in case the extension of work beyond working hours is due to non-productivity exhibited by the employee.

Increment, Bonus & Promotion

Your increment(s) will be on the basis of your performance and contributions in the job and will be at the sole discretion of the Company. Bonus and promotion, if any, will be based on company policies and will also be at the sole discretion of the company. In case of non-productivity, the increment, bonus either partial or full and promotion can be halted by the company.

Modification of Terms & Conditions of Service

The Company shall have the right to amend or modify any of the above terms and conditions of service and the same shall become automatically binding on you from such dates(s) as may be decided by the company.
What is RocketFlyer?
Rocket Flyer enables startup’s, emerging and matured organizations in delivering high quality product / services keeping a close eye on time to market and resource constraints. The team is equipped in delivering enterprise grade high throughput software systems designed for scale.
RocketFlyer also has developed its own center of excellence for product engineering and has created array of products and platforms around Business Process Management, App Based Tracking, Fleet Management.
Digitize your business processes and workflows and get rid of manual interventions for better transparency, efficiency and most importantly, peace of mind.
What are RocketFlyer's Product Offerings?
Rocketflow SAAS based Business Process Management platform. Supported use cases are Automation of Mining Operations, Complaint and Feedback Management System, Security and Surveillance Management Platform, Field Force Tracking and Management for Business Operations, Computer Repairs and Request Management System, Financial Management System, Task Management System, Driver Management System, HR Management System, Reimbursement Management System, Call Center Management System.
RocketFleet SAAS based Fleet and Self Drive Car Rental and Chauffeur Driven Car Rental Management Platform. RocketFleet platform offers mobile app for both Android and iOS devices. Comes with website and mobile site channels for customers to check and book the fleet. The RocketFleet platform also offers web admin portal to manage fleet, manage retail and B2B users, manage pricings, manage bookings and invoices for the customer and other platform configurations.